R&D Innovation


The company focuses on the field of new energy sealing and adopts the highest end special rubber materials (such as FKM) to meet the requirements of temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, high insulation, and excellent voltage variation, meeting the sealing requirements of customers' power batteries.


The company is located in Changzhou, Jiangsu Province, the birthplace of "Wu" culture. It is a manufacturing enterprise that integrates the production and sales of high-end rubber seals and new energy vehicle rubber products.

The company relies on the rubber research and development strength of the School of Materials at Beijing University of Chemical Technology, and has reached a strategic partnership with Shenzhen Feirongda Group. It has established a professional technical team for rubber material research and development, and introduced advanced vacuum vulcanization equipment, frozen edge trimming equipment, CCD testing equipment, and high-precision experimental testing equipment, with a sound production chain for rubber products.

The company's main products are special rubber seals, including fluorine rubber O-rings, star shaped rings, conductive silicone, and back foam silicone.

Zhongyu Rubber and Plastic ensures the efficiency and quality of products with solid rubber formula technology, precision processing equipment, advanced mold development capabilities, and IATF16949 management process. Zhongyu Rubber and Plastic is based on long-term development and will become an excellent enterprise in the new energy vehicle lithium battery cover sealing ring industry in the future, allowing its products to go global.



January 2023

★ KDL prequalification

June 2022

★ Passed Ningde Times Tier 1 Supplier Audit

March 2022

Cleanroom officially opened

January 2022

★ Formally promulgated the company's development strategy for the next 5 years from 2022-2026, and set 2022 as the first year of development

November 2021

Formation of a monthly production capacity of 2 million units/day capacity breakthrough

October 2021

★ Officially started 6 million units/day capacity expansion

June 2021

★Officially supply cover seal for NINGDEZI

June 2021

Ninted conducted a full import audit of the company

October 2020

Preparing business development introduction plan for Ningde Times, a leading battery cell company

April 2020

★ Small volume supply from Ningde Times

July 2019

Formulation development completed and initial small batch testing conducted

June 2019

Completion of workshop decoration and initial introduction of equipment

January 2019

Established Jiangsu Zhongyu Rubber & Plastic Technology Co.

Environmental protection: vigorously invest in wastewater, exhaust gas, and dust treatment devices, which are environmentally friendly
Social benefits: The introduction of this project has led to the establishment of a production line for battery seals with an annual production capacity of 250 million pieces, which increases social employment and taxes, and has significant social benefits

Social Responsibility

Waste gas treatment device

Social Responsibility

Wastewater treatment device