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Helium test seals

Category:Helium test seals

Keywords: fluorine rubber O-ring, conductive sealing ring, foam silicone

Excellent mechanical properties, and at the same time high and low temperature resistance, good chemical resistance, mainly used to detect the auxiliary tooling of sealing ring airtightness equipment.

Performance Fluororubber Ordinary rubber
Oil resistance, solvent resistance, chemical resistance
Oil resistant, with minimal changes in hardness, tensile strength, and volume of adhesive. After 500 hours of immersion testing, all physical properties remained almost unchanged Weaker than fluorosilicone rubber
Heat resistance Excellent heat resistance, able to withstand temperatures of 230 ℃ for long periods of time and 300 ℃ for short periods of time The high-temperature decomposition of fluorosilicone rubber is the same as that of silicone rubber
Cold resistance The minimum usage temperature can reach -40 ℃ (customized services can be provided according to customer needs) Generally around -45 ℃
Electrical performance and radiation resistance It has excellent insulation properties and is widely used in sealing products with high insulation requirements for oil resistance, heat resistance, and water vapor resistance. The electrical performance of the two is similar
Physical and mechanical properties The mechanical strength (especially tear strength) of rubber is relatively low, at the same level as other materials The mechanical strength (especially tear strength) of rubber adhesive is relatively low
Weathering resistance performance Has superior weather resistance. Expose to an environment with an ozone concentration of 150ppm and a temperature of 60 ℃ for 300 consecutive hours,
No cracking observed
No cracking or cracking observed during long-term exposure to ozone

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